Inspecting the Rabbit Boarding Kennel

Here are a few guidelines about what to do when you inspect a rabbit boarding kennel

A Checklist when Inspecting your Rabbit Kennel
The look of the place Does it look clean? Does it smell neutral or clean?
Clean Cages Does the cages seem to be cleaned reasonably often (daily or every two days?)
The People Do they know rabbits? When you talk to them do they have some knowledge and insight that eases your mind?
Temperature Is the place well ventilated and the temperature bearable for you?
Feed Schedule Is the boarding kennel willing to make arrrangments to feed your rabbit at the times you prefer (whether morning, night or even twice per day)
Special Needs Can you as the owner bring toys, treats or even your rabbits own foods
Rain Cover Are rabbits that are kept outdoors sufficiently protected from rain?
Mixing Will rabbits be mixed or kept from physically being around each other?
Pests Are there excessive flies around? This is a sign of deeper problems
Aggression Does the kennel l have experience and a plan to handle your aggressive rabbit which sometimes scare you from boarding it.
Vetinary Support Do they have access to a vet in an emergency? (remember it is still for the owner to reimburse costs incurred)
Rabbit Stress Do the rabbit boarding kennel staff have an idea of how they will treat your rabbit if they show signs of distress (not eating; lethargy; etc) if it occurs
Tagging How are the things you bring with (bowls; cages; toys; towels) tagged and looked after?
Threats Are there any other animal threats on the property, such as uncaged dogs and cats?
Open Hours  Do they have reasonable and accommodating drop off and collection times
Rates How are the rates calculated and are you penalized for adding or subtracting days and after hours collection