Should I Kennel my Rabbit

This is entirely a personal choice. A rabbit that has been with you has not just been fed. Your rabbit is like a good friend or a mirror to your thoughts. A rabbit is many things. Remember that your rabbit has been handled, cared for, held, stroked, brushed and even spoken to. When you go away your rabbit needs you for the same and even more reasons than we commonly remember. When you have to leave home for a day or longer, those needs do not go away. You have a few options at this point and maybe this helps answer the question whether you should kennel your rabbit. 

Options of Who and Where to Kennel your Rabbits
Good Friends Friends may love you however they may not love your rabbit as much as they do you. Good friends will try hard though because they are your friends.
Neighbours Neighbours looking after your beloved rabbit may not always be better than friends. Neighbours may look after your rabbit to preserve the neighbourly harmony. Some may even like doing it, for a day or so.
Your Local Vet They have the facilities but their focus is different to being around your rabbit and cuddling it as you do. They are also pretty expensive and vets have problems when they close over weekends. You will also ot be able to collect on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday when you have returned and just want to see your rabbit. 
Dog or Cat Kennels These are dog and cat kennels that make a space for your bunny. They know dogs and cats best and will do their best for your rabbit.
A Specialised Rabbit Boarding Kennel Yes, like Viam's Rabbit Hotel. They do whatever you do for your rabbit. They will give the same treats, let them play iwth their own toys. There will be stroking your bunny especially behind its ears, and playing with your rabbit. Health and behavioural problems that you are not trained to see are observed at a specialised rabbit boarding kennel.

The decision about whether you should kennel is based on what support you can lean on. Poor support means you will probably not want to kennel your rabbit. Good options to safely and with peace of mind, kenne your rabit, and the answer is a definite yes.